Rules and Regulation

School Timing


  • It is compulsory for all pupils to adhere to all the rules of cleanliness. Pupils with altered, incomplete or dirty uniform will not be allowed to attend class and will be sent home.
  • Parents and guardians are requested to ensure that their children come to school with clean hair and nails properly clipped.
  • Colour dress is permitted only on the child's birthday.
  • For KG children, send a dress bag with the child's name, on the first working day of every month. The dress bag should contain a set of clothes & a folded cover to pack the soiled cloths.
  • If the child's dress is changed at school, we shall send home the dress bag with the removed uniform on the same day. Please send a fresh set the next day.

School Fees

Examination System

Rules of The School

  • Respect your parents, teachers and elders and be considerateandunderstanding with your fellow students.
  • Maintain punctuality and regularity at all costs.
  • Takeregular care of yourhealth.
  • Be dignified and rule abiding in dress, speech andbehaviour.
  • Face your challengescourageously.
  • Always lend a helping hand wherever need arises.
  • This is your school. Be proud of it and put in every possible efforttoraise its image. Do not damage its properties.
  • Takeactive part in all schoolactivities.
  • Extend your help in keeping the class room and the school campus clean.
  • While moving from one class to the other, take care not to disturbother classes.
  • Takecare of yourbelongings.
  • If you find anything belonging to the school or anyotherstudent's, deposit it in theoffice.
  • Yourwork and conduct should be in such a way that theybring laurels to your home & the school thus will open a bright future for you.
  • Follow the suggestions made by your teachers, parentsandothers regularly andproperly.
  • Carry out the instructions of the class monitor, Housecaptains & School Prefects for the effective functioning of our school routine.
  • Finally be proud of the fact that you are an Indian anddoeverything possible to promote national integration and religiousharmony.