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NO.1 CBSE School in Cheyyar


AIMS CBSE School every child is the most potent seed of a powerful human being. Perceiving the approach of New Age of learning, the pioneers of this institution have taken it upon themselves to equip and empower the children of today, preparing them to meet the challenges of future by imparting in them a holistic learning rich in social, theoretical and practical knowledge in line with the growing demand of the future. There are no set instructions when it comes to education but it is a series of life experience and ongoing process, which goes beyond books, instructions and learning horizons.

Our students are given the opportunity to examine, imagine, discover and make their own decisions and intertwine their ideas with real life situations, making our school with a unique teaching pedagogy. We endeavor to make our students feel accomplished and adept preparing them to face the competitive world and also allowing them to leave exceptional footprints on the sands of not only India’s magnanimous territory but also place their footprints globally.

Our school is a compilation of excellence in knowledge and commitment to service, allowing you to have the privilege of being mentored by the best minds.My dream is to make each and every student, fully fledged with knowledge, skill, individuality, good morale and ethics, who can still imbibe our rich culture and tradition.