AIMS Matriculation School

Guidelines For Parents / Guardins

Library Rules

All pupils and staff are the members of the library. Library tickets will be issued to students, which are to be kept safe.
One book only will be issued at a time and the pupil is allowed to retain that for a week.

Reference books cannot be taken out of the library. The library books have to be maintained neat and tidy. Marking , Underlining anr tearing off pages are strictly prohibited.

School Transport:
The school buses ply to the various parts of the surrounding areas for the convenience of the students. Parents have to make necessary arrangements to pick and drop their children at the scheduled bus stops.

Guidelines For Parents / Guardins
1. Read the ruies listed in the Handbook and ensure that the student conforms to them.
2. The handbook must be brought to school everyday.
3. Check the handbook daily for homework, special notices or circulars, remarks made in the handbook should be seen and countersigned regularly.
4. Time table and portions for term exam and unit tests will be photo copied and given to the children ten days earlier for std.I to VIII. For std IX to X the same will be put up on the class notice boards ten days earlier. The children should copy it in the space provided in the handbook and obtain the parent’s signature by the next day.
5. Report cards will be sent at regular intervals. Parents must note the weakness of the student and take necessary steps to improve his/her performance . Report cards must be signed and returned within two days.
6. Circulars should be read carefully, field and kept for future reference.
7. Instruct your child to enclose all the circulars in his/her handbook so that you will not miss any of it. In case your child is absent from school check with the other parents of the same std. And sec for any circular given by the teacher, so that you will not any important details like bus timings etc.
8. The school cannot br held responsible if children coming by their own transport.
9. Parents may communicate with the teacher, principal & vice versa through the space provided in the handbook.
10. Parents can visit the school to meet the teachers to discuss the progress of their wards- on Tuesday and Thursdays- between 430 to 530 p.m. parent are not permitted to enter the class rooms during school hours.
11. On no account will parents / guardians be allowed to contact or meet teachers at their homes to enquire about their child’s progress.
12. Parents can meet the principal during the working hours (week days- 945 a.m. to 530 p.m and Saturday 945 a.m to 4.p.m.) at any time when the principal / vice principal is free.
13. Students bullying other students will be seriously viewed.
14. Any boy / girl setting unhealthy trends/ example in boy / sirl relationship not congenial to the academic atmosphere of the school will be asked to with draw himself / herself from the school immediately.
15. Pupils against whom there are frequent complaints of bad behavior are liable to suspension or expulsion.
16. Children who indulge in copying, help other in copying and resort to other mal-practices related to copying or forgery etc. will be issued T.C. at once.
17. Extra- curricular activities, satursays classes and sports activities are compulsory.
18. Children who are ill ( especially those who have communicable diseases like conjunctivitis, measles, mumps, chicken pox etc ) should not be sent to school to attend class or appear for examination, such children sent to school will be sent home without any prior notice.
19. All Sunday for all classes and all Saturdays for classes LKG & UKG are holidays unless otherwise mentioned.
20. Parents are requested to attend parent – teacher meetings and other functions arranged by the school and co-operate in the working of the school by encouraging regularity, punctuality and taking an daily interest in the child’s progress.
21. No donations or gifts to the teachers are allowed.
22. The school uniform must be worm on all school days including Saturdays when there are computer and other special classes.
23. Every students is expected help in keeping the school premises and classrooms neat and clean.
24. Damaging school property, scribbling on walls and on furniture is forbidden. Disciplinary action will be taken against students who repeatedly indulge in such activities.
25. Students are responsible for the care of their personal belonging- books, pens, lunch boxes etc.,
26. Partical attendance to school on any day is not allowed. That is students cannot attend school only for part of the day and take leave or attends some appointment and then come to school. If a students is attending school, he has to attends the whole day or take leave for the whole day. This is also applicable during the test / exam days, even if the student is sick. No students shall leave the school premises during the working hours on their won. No parents / authorized person will be allowed to take the child home or for any appointment during the working hours. Also, permission will not be given to parents or the authorized person to pick up the student from the school if the student is using the school bus.
27. While the school will take every precaution to ensure the safety of its students within the school premises during school hours, the school authorities will not hold themselves responsible for incidents beyond their control.
28. Students must remain seated in the buses, shouting ans playing in the school busses are forbidden. The bus facility will be withdrawn for those students who repeatedly behave badly in the bus. Damage to the seats, glass and window etc., will entire payment of a fine.
29. English must be spoken in the classrooms, in the campus and in the buses. Students who use bad language will be punished.
30. Attendance on the opening and closing day of each term is compulsory.
31. Every student is required to have an attendance of not less than 95% of the working days in the school.
32. Students are not to take leave for various functions and ceremonies. Parents are requested to seek leave for their children only in unavoidable circumstances.
33. In case the students take leave uoto three days the absence record in the handbook should be filled in the parents and the class teachers and principal’s signatures should be obtained on the first day of the return to the school.
34. If a student takes leave for more than three days continuously a written intimation should be sent to the principal on the fourth day. Otherwise the name of the student will be taken off from the roll without any prior intimation. The absence record should also be produced on the first day of the return to the school.
35. Taking leave on sports selected for school teams and house teams will have to stay back after class hours for practice.
36. Ther might be circumstances necessitating closure of school on a particular working day due to unavoidable reasons like bunds etc., if any test or exam is schedudled on that day, the students should come prepared the next day for the exams / tests they missed and also for that day’s exams / tests. Both or any of the tests / exams is will be conducted.
37. If any holiday is declared by the government of tamilnadu due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, please follow the instructions given in T.V. / News paper.
38. To be promoted at the end of the Academic year, student must pass in all subjects in the final examination and on the average obtained by him/ her in other exams. The Attendance of the students will also be taken into consideration for promotion.
39. The pass mark is 40% in all subjects. Results declared at the end of the year are final in all cases and will not be reconsidered.
40. No student who fails to two years will be kept in the school. Students absent from any examination for any reason, whatsoever, will not be re-examined.
41. Children are not permitted to use motorized two wheelers to come to school.
42. If students are found possessing any articles like cell phone, ipods etc., The students will be punished and the article will be confiscated.
43. All students should bring umbrellas or raincoats during rainy days and use it while boarding the bus in the school. The buses will leave school at the usual time even ifit rains heavily.
44. Any attestation , fees certificate, bonafide certificate ( if needed from school office) wil be issued only after two days from the date of application.
45. No re-test will be conducted for absentees whatever the reason be.

Fees :
Fees Should be paid in cash at the school office between 9.30 am and 1.00pm. on the days mentioned in the circular. Fees once remitted will no account br refunded. If the fees are not paid within the given dates the pupil may be debarred from tests and examination. Irregularity in the payment of fees will be a reason for discontinuance in the school.
Fine: No reminder will be sent to the students for the payment of fees. A fine of Rs.10 per day will be collected for any delay in payment of fees.