Vision and Mission


personal excellence:

Everyone is a Champion achieving the personal best.


Chasing tomorrow's dreams by being our best.


Determination and Courage:

Developing the confidence in young people to take on life’s challenges and to stand up for what is right.


Everyone is precious and included in our School. We celebrate our differences and give everyone a chance.


Fuelling the passion for learning and educating all students to achieve full potential and a holistic evolution.

Personal excellence:

Class Strength is maintained to the minimum (an ideal 25). This enables us to give individual attention to every student.

Periodic assessment of students in academic, social and emotional angles help them overcome emotional and our stress.


Guests from various fields are invited to give inspirational speeches and share their expertise.

Project works also help them to look up sources and draw inspiration. Club activities and competitions are the best platform for the students to exhibit their talents and be an inspiration for the other students.


Determination and Courage:

Activities and responsibilities assigned to the students help to develop their confidence.

Encouraging talks and reading encouraging anecdotes help students to be courageous. They learn that “Right is Might” . Our library periods enable this to happen.


Every child is considered as an offspring of AIMS School and the weak are given an helping hand and the strong are given the push they need to go ahead.